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Started as a small family business, our family has been producing food since 1932. As the third generation, we took the flag, established a company called as Derin Lezzetler. Our aim is to produce healthy snacks for everybody in need of special nutrition. Therefore we offer a wide range of snacks and energy/protein varieties. We’re specialized in gluten free, raw, vegan, ketogenic, no added sugar and high protein snacks.


We are selective for the ingredients in the means of quality and freshness. This is the main reason why our products are both healthy and delicious.

Recipes Creator

We create custom recipes just for your customers' need.

We are constantly seeking for innovation and researching for new tastes. We are highly experienced with gluten free, vegan, protein needed snacks over hundreds of recipes.

Private Label Provider

We produce in global standards and ship all over the world ready to eat, raw or frozen.

We offer great deal of advantages in wide range of ingredients. 



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